Our high quality vanilla blend combines 2 plant based powerhouses – Pea and Hemp proteins. We’ve also added mesquite and a hint of cinnamon to provide you with the building blocks to make for a stronger, healthier you (and it just tastes great!).

Just add 2 tablespoons to get the boost you need!
Blend it  into your favourite smoothies
Shake it  on the go in 350ml milk of choice
Bake it  into your cakes, biscuits and more!

  • Add to milk of choice or your fav smoothies
  • 19.4g protein per serve
  • 16+ serves per pack
  • No fake sugar aftertaste

Pea Protein
An awesome nutrient-rich protein source that is easily digested, low allergenic, helps build and maintain muscle and is great for weight loss


Hemp Protein
Full of Omega 3 & 6 for brain and heart health as well as plant protein, it has double action goodness. It boosts metabolism and helps with weight loss and burning fat too

Added to provide a rich caramel flavour and to boost your immune system

This spice was included to help lower blood sugar level and its delicious