From Our Roots To Now:

For 40 years,
Greenlands Fruit has ethically sourced fresh fruit and vegetables for its loyal customers.
With combined family experience and long-standing customer relationships in the hospitality industry, Greenlands is a market-leading supplier of fruit and vegetables in Victoria.
We’re a fruit and vegetable company that is dedicated to sourcing quality produce for clients. We are HACCP quality assured and have a wide range of delivery options for our customers to choose from.

Supporting Our Own:

Our farmers are an integral part of the food market and Greenlands Fruit assures its clients that we only source from the Melbourne fresh market or directly from growers/agents.

Through long-lasting relationships with local growers,
our capacity to supply the best products is always guaranteed.

Our approach to sourcing produce has the future and sustainability of Melbourne’s growers in mind. This coupled with ongoing dedication to our clients means we can always supply nourishing and fresh food.